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George ECRM and Web Design

Ecommerce Design | Web Design | Trend page design | Product page design | Landing page testing| Email design | ECRM | Email build | HTML coding | Email testing | Brochure | Web design |  Web design pitch | Online brand guidelines |  Layout design | Digital design


The Challenge

I worked for 2 years on the george website and created a range of trend pages, landing page designs, email designs, weekly landing page update and .com magazine. I also created a range of digital brand guidelines for the designers to use and refer to

The Solution

I created a range of designs which were pitched to George whilst working at Biglight. Biglight won the pitch and I worked closely with a copywriter, and fashion editor to produce a range of designs across the 2 years I worked on the brand.

The aim was to make the George website feel high fashion but not at a cost to the customer. It needed to appeal to its target demographic and remain fashionable and loyal to the brand. I styled the fonts by altering the tracking to create an element of high-end fashion. The website needed to appeal to a wide audience as the products were aimed at a large target market, and the website needed to be suitable for this. The site had to be creatively designed and appealing to improve the conversion rate.


I was able to creatively concept and design for the trend pages, product pages, emails, landing pages and trend pages, and became the brand guardian for the website.



George is a fast paced fashion brand, that produce fashion clothing for men, women and children and recently incorporated home as part of the brand

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