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Vertx Rebrand

A complete rebrand including Brand Name, Brand Vision, Brand Story and Identity.

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The Challenge

To completely rethink and rebrand a rapidly expanding organisation which has become one of the leading high-rise window cleaning companies in Austin, Texas. 

Having started as a small local business, Weird Window Cleaning  had built up a reputation as a high quality facade maintenance service and was proud to be part of Austin's community and the city's local 'Keep Austin Weird' slogan.  However, with the constantly-growing silicon valley sky scrapers developing within their city, the business needed a more professional identity in order to fit alongside the newly arrived silicon valley clients, whilst still maintaining and reflecting on the style of the city.

The Solution

Weird Window Cleaning needed a new more, more professional identity.

This meant everything needed to be thoroughly thought out, including the brand name, the brand vision, where the company sits in their market and the identity.


This new identity needed to be developed and rolled out across multiple channels internally and externally and across multiple touch points for print and digital. 

I began by running through multiple concepts and the concept the client chose was an Austin focused design that reflected colours and photography used across the city. The design also used a retro style font and featured elements taken from artwork across the city.

The logo used the idea of skyscrapers against a sunset, with a more practical professional text logo lockup and a playful brand description. It was an agile logo that could be reduced to a text-only version for flexibility.

The new brand identity has been very well received by their clients and within their community in Austin.



A leading facade maintenance service for hi-rise sky scrapers  in Austin,'s new silicon valley of the south

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