The Pirates of Penzance Campaign

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The Challenge

To concept the visual graphics and theme for the musical and create a marketing strategy to promote the show and sell tickets. Working closely with the show's production team.

The Solution

I began by mapping out which type of content would be seen by which audience member, and how the information architecture might work. It quickly became apparent that there was no concise user journey and this needed to be created first. This first navigation was then redeveloped to the sketched information architecture (on the right) taken from the user journey maps.

It was crucial to create the User Journey maps for each audience type to ensure that no steps were missed when creating the platform, and to create a seamless experience for the user. This was adapted slightly as the platform was created but became the reference point for the whole process.


Uspire were keen to get the platform launched within a month, so we agreed that it would be easier and more cost effective to use an existing platform. I undertook research and pitched Jostle to the team, which perfectly matched the needs required.


The ‘News’ page is set up as a homepage and the content is filtered for each audience type; users see only the content we want them to see. This page gives them a hub to come to, to access their personal documents, guides and additional content.

The platform launched in February 2019.


Centre Stage London

Centre Stage London is a central London based amateur theatre charity that has been entertaining audiences with musicals and cabarets for over 50 years