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Paymentsense Website Redesign and PPC Testing

Web design | Navigation Design | Ecommerce Design | Microsite Design | Multi-device design | PPC landing pages | PPC analytics and testing | SEO | SEO testing | Mobile Optimisation UX Design | Wireframing | Information Architecture | User Journey Mapping | Presentation | Project Launch


The Challenge

To continually test 16 PPC and 12 SEO landing pages, to improve the site conversion, by making incremental changes to the landing pages.

The Solution

The Paymentsense website was fascinating to work on, as most of the website traffic came from PPC. This enabled us to play around and test
a variety of layouts and content due to the large audience from PPC.


When I joined, the website had 4 pages in the navigation and I advised that more information would be required for the user, such as ‘About us’. These additional pages increased our SEO rankings because we used keywords to talk about the products.

The majority of the user testing involved changing small differences in the Call to Action buttons in the hero banner. We discovered for example that on mobile, the inbound sales calls dropped slightly if we removed the number from the button, and kept ‘call us for free’, even
if they didn't need the number to call.



Paymentsense is a Fintech company based in west London, they provide card payment solutions to small and medium size businesses.

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