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Lysistrata: A New Musical Design Direction

The creative concept and design for a production of Lysistrata


The Challenge

To concept the visual graphics and theme for the musical and create a marketing strategy to promote the show and sell tickets. Working closely with the show's production team.

The Solution

I worked with the production team on the concept for a brand new musical based on the ancient greek story Lysistrata. The story followed the title character of Lysistrata leading a strong group of women rebelling against an unnecessary war. The production was also set in the much more recent 1940's wartime.


The production team and writer of the musical were keen that the colour red be used and liked the idea of showing a female smoking.

I liked the idea of having the title of the production written in smoke, and created a range of typographic concepts. The writer was keen to have a font that was very legible (as the show was relatively unknown), so I settled on the font above. 


I used a photo of a woman, enhanced the red lips and digitally dropped smoke into the image.


Centre Stage London

Centre Stage London is a central London based amateur theatre charity that has been entertaining audiences with musicals and cabarets for over 50 years 

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