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Juniper Sling for Penhaligon's

Landing page | Web design | Trend Page | Digital design | Digital campaign


The Challenge

To create a desktop trend landing page for the launch of the Juniper Sling perfume. The page needed to be in keeping with the theme, whilst advertising the product and its connection to its inspiration; gin.

The Solution

The perfume was inspired by gin in the 1920's, and I liked the idea of using the turquoise, art deco inspired packaging, to run through. I worked with a copywriter to include statements and incorporated photography highlighting modern flapper girls and photos from the past. I chose a font that worked as a hint to the art deco theme and similar to that of the packaging of the logo.



Penhaligon's is a high end British perfume house. Founded in the 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, who was a Perfumer to Queen Victoria. 

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