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Hunter Boot USA ECRM Launch

ECRM | Email design | Email build | Digital design | Trend pages | Ecommerce design | Layout design | Email testing | HTML coding | Email launch | Gif design


The Challenge

To launch the email channel in the USA and improve conversion through the ECRM channel.

The Solution

With email design, I was given the freedom to be creative and conceptual for each email design and decided to always lead with the product/products displayed in a creative way. I used patterns, colours, gifs and layouts to create a visually engaging design. The emails were very successful and gained a large open rate and interaction, improving the channel conversion.


January 2013 Sale Email

The top email was the first sale email for Hunter USA and averaged a CTR of 50% the highest of all the Hunter emails. I wanted the design to be eye catching and fun, but keeping the simplicity and class of the hunter brand. The top image was a slow spinning gif that would have attracted attention in the inbox. Simple clear Call to Actions.


Hunter Boot USA

Hunter is a Wellington boot and footwear brand. Originally established in 1856 in Edinburgh. Scotland. They hold a royal warrant and design a range of high end products.

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