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Halloween Campaign

The creative concept, guidelines and multi-channel campaign design for Lily's Kitchen's Limited Edition Halloween recipe


The Challenge

To concept and design the Halloween Campaign, which would need to run over multiple weeks, and be adaptable, and to launch and promote the limited edition Beef Ghooooulash recipe for Dogs.

The campaign needed to tell a creative story and increase brand awareness also. The concept needed to work across multiple channels and platforms.

The Solution

I worked closely with the marketing team, ecommerce team and head of design to concept ideas and stories for Halloween, the biggest challenge being that it needed to be live for multiple weeks and keep the viewers engaged throughout this period.

3 final campaigns were designed as part of the main Halloween campaign, one to launch halloween, one to promote a limited edition recipe and one to highlight the October promotion.

The Halloween campaign was very well received and achieved high engagement with both existing and new customers.

Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen are a high quality pet food brand that uses natural proper ingredients in their recipes for cats and dogs. The brand personality is fun, energetic and playful. 

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