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Habitat ECRM and Email Design

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The Challenge

Create a range of different emails for habitat to increase conversion within the ECRM channel. Specifically in this instance a creative idea for the sale email.

The Solution

One of my first tasks after joining biglight was to create a range of emails to pitch for habitat’s ECRM channel. This included a welcome email, product email and sale email. I had to pitch to Habitat along with the owners and we won the work.

International European Sale email

This sale email idea came from the idea of having photos aranged on a wall in different sizes, I used this idea to translate the sale message, and in keeping with the theme of decorating your home. The design needed to be translated to french and German (as above).

Habitat Welcome Email, January 2011

The aim of this email was to encourage second purchases with offers and to also push and show the customer the variety of categories that Habitat sells. The email needed to be short and concise while displaying all the necessary messages. The Call To Actions are minimal but the main CTA is directional.



Habitat is a high end British homeware and furniture retail brand. They sell a range of trendy products and have featured in Homebase, Argos and Sainsbury's. 

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