Ghost the Musical Campaign

MY ROLE: Creative Direction, Concept Creation, Internal Presentation, Portrait Photography, Typography, Digital Photography Manipulation, Design roll out

COLLABORATORS: Production Team, Board of Trustees

CHANNELS: Digital: Website takeover, Organic Social Media including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. Print: Booklet, Posters, Flyers 

FORMATS: Print, Digital, Video

AUDIENCE: New musical theatre audiences, organic theatre audiences

SUCCESS: Sold out the production


The Challenge

To concept the visual graphics and theme for the musical and create a marketing strategy to promote the show and sell tickets. Working closely with the show's production team.

The Solution

I wanted to convey the idea used in the musical, of a ghost seeing the light. The heart monitor is a sound heard throughout the show and I wanted to incorporate this.


With lighting the character is shown with a blue light which I also incorpo- rated into the concept. I worked closely with the production team to ensure this matched their vision for the show.


Using this design I promoted the show across social media, web and print and successfully sold out the run in 2016.


Ghost the Musical

(for Centre Stage London)

Centre Stage London is a central London based amateur theatre charity that has been entertaining audiences with musicals and cabarets for over 50 years