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Evita campaign

The creative concept, design and multi-channel campaign for a production of Evita


The Challenge

To concept the visual graphics and theme for the musical and create a marketing strategy to promote the show and sell tickets. Working closely with the show's production team.

The Solution

Similar to Jesus Christ Superstar, I was restricted with the logo usage, and we had to use the logo provided for the show marketing and promotion by the copyright owners. I used the deep red colour as a theme, and the colours of this logo were adapted throughout the show lighting and set.

For the programme and marketing, I focused on the deep red colour and black and white and aged photography to fit into the period of time this show was set. I produced headshots that had an aged feel to them. I promoted the show over many platforms including, events, social media, clothing, web design and the programme.

This show successfully sold out in 2016.



(for Centre Stage London)

Centre Stage London is a central London based amateur theatre charity that has been entertaining audiences with musicals and cabarets for over 50 years 

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