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Jacques Vert Group Digital Guidelines

Digital brand guidelines, created in 2013 for usage by designers, studio managers and reference for print designers


The Challenge

To create consistent brand UI elements and design across the Jacques Vert Group multi-brand website, including Dash, Eastex, Jacques Vert, Kaliko, Minuet Petite, Precis Petite, Planet, Windsmoor and Just Last Season. This was later digitised as well.

The Solution

After the new website launched, we needed a way to keep the landing page designs more consistent and aligned, there was a lot of freedom for the trend and collection landing pages, with designers taking their own spin on the UI, such as CTA, font sizes etc.


I created a range of digital guidelines for the designers and content coders to refer to, multiple designers started working in the team and we needed a way to create consistency across the landing pages. I developed these guidelines and was able to hand them to new designers and developers to work from.


Jacques Vert Group

Jacques Vert Group was the umbrella company to 9 fashion brands;

Alexon, DashEastexJacques Vert, Kaliko, Minuet Petite, Precis Petite,

Planet, Windsmoor & Just Last Season.

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