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Surf's Up Campaign

YEAR: 2021

MY ROLE: Art Direction, Concept Creation, Internal Presentation, Design roll out, Storyboard Design and Animator Direction

CHANNELS: Digital Only. Website takeover, Google Display Network, Affiliate Network, Paid Social Media including; Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok. 

FORMATS: Static, Carousel and Animation

AUDIENCE: New, Converted and Loyal


The Challenge

To concept and design the August promotional Campaign, which would be live for a month. The campaign needed to tell a story, highlight the promotion and increase brand awareness. The concept needed to work across multiple channels and platforms.

The Solution

After conversations with the client we agreed that the idea of the northern lights as a theme worked well for the concept. I drafted a range of ideas and we settled on an graphic where I had created an image that used bright powerful colours, with the idea that the viewer is on a journey across the water, travelling between the mountains to the sky.


They were very pleased with the final outcome, as I’d worked with them to ensure the idea and creative design matched the music.


I also designed a 24 page booklet, CD, social media posts, launch poster, digital graphics for PR and graphics for Spotify and Apple Music.

The album Launched in August 2018.

Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen are a high quality pet food brand that use natural proper ingredients in their recipes for cats and dogs. The brand personality is fun, energetic and healthy. 

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