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3C Payment Retail EXPO Video

A video filmed and edited for use across the 3C Payment social channels and internal presentations

The Challenge

Film, edit and design a video highlighting the experience of the Retail EXPO trade show for 3C Payment. Featuring highlights from the day, products, people, and the strategy behind the trade show. The video had to be no longer than a minute and be suitable to be published across social media channels and sent out to clients.

The Solution

I started by working out what story I'd like to tell throughout the 2 day event and what clips I would like to have. Before even filming, I really liked the idea of opening with a fast motion shot to get to the show, and I knew I wanted to get lots of shots from above and people actively speaking, I also knew I wanted to get an interview from 3C Payment to run in the middle.

The interview enabled me to have a middle section and I was able to show cutaway shots of product usage and people alongside the interview. I was also able to get the shots I had initially planned for, and shots from above which were great! 

I wanted the video to begin full of energy and excitement, then calm slightly for the interview and then build up to fast motion shots and energy for the end. Representing the style of the day. I was able to find a track which followed this format as well.

It took me two evenings to edit and compile the video and I turned it around for the morning after the 2 day event.

It was well received across the business and liked and shared across social media channels.


3C Payment

3C Payment is a Switzerland based payment provider, supplying over 9000 customers across 19,000 locations in 40 countries. 

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