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Ticketmaster Seasonal Microsite Pitch

UX Design | Wireframing | Presentation | Microsite Design | Web Design | Multi-device design


The Challenge

The brief was to concept and pitch an idea, to make Ticketmaster the go-to place to be for all seasonal winter events in London.



Ticketmaster is an online ticketing coordinater to thousands of shows, events, festivals, musicals, plays, and concerts worldwide. 


The Solution

I decided after a lot of research that a digital portal based on your location would be the best option. The user would have the option to search by location, type of event or genre.

I mapped out a user journey for the microsite and worked out how to present the content. I divided the types of events up and worked out the best way of navigating the events via the portal. I designed this up for mobile, and desktop.

The idea was pitched to Ticketmaster, but they decided to no longer progress with the project.

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