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Cabaret: Left of Centre Stage campaign

The creative concept, design and multi-channel campaign for a cabaret


The Challenge

To concept the visual graphics and theme for the cabaret  and create a marketing strategy to promote the show and sell tickets. Working closely with the show's production team.

The Solution

I worked closely with the creative and production teams, and we discussed the idea of using a spotlight within the show, I translated that idea onto the booklet, in the form of a fold out corner, and in the concept for the poster and title of the show.


I also worked with the cast and production team as the theme of their cabaret was ‘lesser-known songs within shows’, and ‘singers performing songs they wouldn't normally be able to’, so I undertook a photo shoot that involved dress up, and we agreed on the idea of an instagram takeover where the cast is reacting to one another in a separate image.

The show successfully sold out in 2016.


Left of Centre stage

Centre Stage London is a central London based amateur theatre charity that has been entertaining audiences with musicals and cabarets for over 50 years 

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