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Award Winning Jacques Vert Group

Website Redesign

UX Design | Wireframing | Information Architecture | User Journey Mapping | Web design | Navigation Design | Ecommerce Design | Multi-device design 


The Challenge

To improve the customer experience and conversion across all 8 brands. Remove the need to manually switch and shop across different websites.

The Solution

I was challenged with designing a responsive, multi-branded, retina, ecommerce website on a new Demandware platform. This involved creating pixel perfect designs for every possible page on the site. Organised into 3 sections; Search and Browse; Checkout; and My Account.

I worked with a team of developers at Tryzens and the JVG in-house ecommerce and IT teams to implement. I needed to specifically consider the needs of the customer when shopping, whilst focusing on improving customer journey, improve click through rates and AOV across devices.

The navigation was complicated, because not only did we have the product and fashion guide architecture, we had to create a higher level of navigation to enable the user to move between
the different brands, whilst keeping the user’s selected products in their basket.

Each brand navigation was styled exactly the same for all sites,
and sat above the site content, while the product navigation changed colours and fonts, and each brand required a different architecture for their products.

The checkout needed to be easy to complete, with the ability to purchase items across all brand sites and all devices. The checkout involved 5 simple pages for the user to proceed from their basket to purchase completion. Journey markers indicated checkout progression.

Designs needed to be pixel perfect, with input fields suitable for mobile and easy for the customer to enter their details across all devices.

These websites went live in August 2014 and the site won a Drapers Award for Best Website Redesign/ Relaunch in April 2015.


Jacques Vert Group

Jacques Vert Group was the umbrella company to 9 fashion brands;

Alexon, DashEastexJacques Vert, Kaliko, Minuet Petite, Precis Petite,

Planet, Windsmoor & Just Last Season.

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